About Sit and Keep Fit

Gym balls have many uses. You may have used one in a health club. Alternatively, your physiotherapist may have shown you how to use one to improve your balance, or to strengthen some muscles.

A gym ball can also be used in place of a chair. There are many reasons why you may consider this. Some of the main ones are listed below:

• To alleviate back pain.

• To improve posture.

• To stop slouching.

• To have a comfortable seat.

• To strengthen leg muscles.

• To continually challenge the physique.

• To keep you alert.

• To benefit from various physical improvements simultaneously.

• To engage several muscles, including the abdominal ones.

• To reduce pressure.

As has become evident, sitting on a gym ball makes a great alternative to a chair at home, or in the office environment.

Keep safety in mind. Use shoes that are flat, and do not slip. Hi heels are a no, no when balancing on a gym ball.

The Benefits of Alternative Seating

In addition to the benefits that have already been mentioned, your core strength will also improve.

The muscles involved in core strength are:

• pelvic floor muscles,

• various abdominal muscles,

• muscles that run vertically up each side of the vertebral column,

• lower back muscles which extend all the way to the armpits,

• the largest muscle in your buttocks, and

• one of the major muscles in your back.

Lack of strength in any group of these muscles can lead to minor, or in some cases, major complications. It goes without saying that any weakness that has to do with health, can become a nuisance. You may even become dependent on others in some fashion.

Everybody wants to look and feel good. Exercising your core muscles improves your balance and stability. A strong core enables you to carry your body in an elegant manner.

A Word about Alternative Seating

A gym ball, also known as a Swiss ball, makes a great seat. It makes you use your muscles in a beneficial way. You are forced to sit up, use your legs, and balance.

If you are not used to sitting on a gym ball, you may find a few minutes enough to start with. It is important to remember to get up carefully, as it is not stationary. Move your feet close to it and your body forward a little. May be even hold onto something when getting up, until you become confident at performing this move.

Depending on your general fitness and wellbeing, you may find some alternatives to a gym ball better for you. Although they have some of the same benefits, they are stable, and do not demand as much physically. Examples of these are the seat cushion/wobble cushion. This takes a lot less space in the office.

There is a variety of chairs with the element of the ball. Alternatively, you may be happier with an ErgoErgo Ergonomic stool, a motion stool, or a Swopper Stool. All of these, come with or without wheels. The same goes for the back support. The other alternatives mentioned here, are ergonomic stools.

Improve Squat Game

1. Breathe Properly. Breathing correctly is key to a good squat. If you do not breathe properly, you are not going to get the results you are looking for.

Take a deep breath in at the start of the movement, hold your breath all the way down through to the bottom and then exhale as you press the weight back up. It is the intra-abdominal pressure at the bottom of the squat which will help you get out of the hole.

2. Keep Your Back Tight. Next, it is also a good idea to keep your back tight throughout the lift. As you set up for the squat, placing the bar across your shoulders tightens up your back. You can do this by thinking of getting your elbows to touch your lats. This simple thought process should help you squeeze your back, tightening it up and preparing your body to lift the load.

If your back is too loose, you will find you lose your power as you go through the movement.

3. Do Heavy Quad Work. It is also a good idea to do some heavy quad work as part of your workout approach…

  • leg extensions,
  • leg press, and
  • hack squats

are all great for working your quads and will help you push through the movement. When your quads are weak, you just will not lift as much weight as you could be.

Follow up your sets of squats with heavy sets of these exercises as well as a few lighter sets taken to a higher rep range, for best results.

Try to train your quads at least twice a week, separated by preferably two days between sessions.

4. Deload Every Month. Finally, consider deloading once a month, every month. Deloading means backing off the weights for a session or two and just focusing on form and getting your rep count up.

Deloading will help give your body a break from the heavy lifting and ensure you come back feeling stronger once you get going again. The aim is to prevent overtraining.

Exercise to Stay in Shape

There are many ways of achieving this ideal, one of which is to exercise in the gym, or at home. The Wonder Core Smart is known to show the best results when used in combination with a diet or proper eating plan. Therefore, for best results, always make sure you stick to a routine as worked out by a doctor or dietician when you use this machine.

It is maintained that when one follows a proper regimen and exercises regularly, body fat will drop and that beautiful six-pick will be within reach. It is not, it is emphasised, a wonder cure, not an overnight miracle, for overweight people. Regular exercise is the answer.

What makes this exercise machine so attractive for many is the fact that it can be used in the privacy in your home. People who have bought the Wonder Core Smart report that the fact that you don’t have to wait in queues at the gym to exercise is a great consideration. Reports also suggest success at reaching goals in terms of firming up muscles, losing some weight and regaining a more youthful shape.

Most clients who have bought the machine remark about the ease of buying the exerciser and the ease of setting it up at home. Many buy the machine in shops that sell sports equipment and other shops that concentrate on home exercise activities. Then of course there are those who log on and find a website that markets the product.

The Wonder Core Smart comes with instructions about how to assemble the machine – also how to disassemble it for when one needs to when it is stored away. And of course it is quite compact making it possible to take it with you when you go away for a break to a destination where it would be practical to use it.

It normally also includes a DVD that takes you through all the steps, some exercise tips, as well as a nutritional guide so that you can form a good idea of how to get the best out of the machine.

The Wonder Core Smart can be used in a number of ways that target one’s core area around the abs. It allows a variety of exercises that combine to deliver results. There are sit ups, push ups, scissor kicks, exercises for the arms and a sit-down cycling feature as well.

The machine’s design is simple and practical: It has a seat and two padded arms from where you do the exercises. There are a number of settings to ensure beginners and those with more experience can all benefit from the exercises. It is easy to follow the instructions and if you belong to the group of people who prefer exercising at home, then you may find that the Wonder Core Smart is a great recommendation.

It can be used by young and old alike, anywhere, any time of the day or night. There are many exercise machines on the market and many of them receive good reports and many less so. Those clients who have bought this one, all seem to give it the thumbs up for a number of reasons, the most important of which are its compact design and ease of use.

Fun in Your Fitness

I can hear you now. “But I work full-time & I’ve got kids. By the time I pick them up and get them home & worry about the homework, worry about the dinner, worry about the bath, and get them to bed, I don’t have time for exercise.”

Well let’s break that down.

First of all, any type of movement is better than no movement at all. So whether you go to a gym for a fitness class or treadmill doesn’t really matter.

During your work day how many ways can you find to move? Think about your physical environment. Are there opportunities to take the stairs, rather than an elevator or escalator? What about parking lots? Do you park as close to the entrance as possible or as far away as possible? What about when you go out for lunch? Do you take a walk after you eat? What about when you have meetings at work? Can any of these be converted to walking meetings? What about when you have to make a phone call for work? Do you stand while you speak? For those of you in sales or customer service this idea will serve to give you more energy during your phone conversation. Can you convert your desk to a standing desk?

Stop and think about your work day and jot down 3 ideas for building in more movement.

At home, when can you work in more movement?

Can you and anyone in the house take a walk before or after dinner? Can you find a neighborhood walking group to walk with? Nowadays Nextdoor.com is very handy for finding neighbors to interact with.

Another common barrier I encounter when counseling clients is lack of motivation or energy. The best way to overcome that feeling, which is just that, a feeling, is to schedule your physical activity in advance with a friend if possible. Look up the fitness class schedule at your local YMCA & calendar a class that sounds fun to you.

The local municipal park & recreation departments usually have some type of movement classes available nowadays. It doesn’t have to be “fitness” per se. It can be a ballroom dance class or something different like a belly dance or Bollywood class. You never know who you’ll meet in one of these classes.

Often civic parks have “courses” near where the children can play, so that you can keep your eyes on them.

Another common obstacle is that you are caring for your kids and don’t have any help. In that case I counsel my clients to try to figure out an activity that includes the kids. Perhaps invite another family to join you to make it more fun. How about inviting another family to go bowling together or play ping pong, basketball, flag football, or volleyball? Or if you want to get really bold, you can start a family league to meet once a week.

The added benefit is that your kids get the exercise they need as well. These days many elementary schools are cutting back on physical education and this type of activity fills in.