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Understanding Why Dogs Eat Grass

Seeing your dog feeding on grass in your lawn can leave you worried. Many dog owners suggest that it can be due to hunger or illness exhibited by your dog. A common phrase which describes the behavior of a dog consuming foreign objects by scientists is called Pica.

This can be an indication that your dog has some form of nutritional deficiency. Also, this can be as a result of boredom as witnessed in puppies. Your dog eating grass can be as an involuntary response to an upset stomach leading to vomiting.

Further explanation for your dog’s feeding on grass behavior can be related to improvement in the digestion system which helps in getting rid of worms in the dog’s stomach. The dog can also be fulfilling a dietary requirement related with a high fiber diet. Since grass has a high source of fiber for herbivores, it also helps the dogs in digestion. It can also be only due to the attraction to the smell of grass.

If boredom is leading your dog to feed on grass, begin exercising the dog. Take part in activities which will engage your dog such as running. Throwing a Frisbee could be a solution you need for your dog’s behavior. Feeding the dog with bones can also take up the dog’s time when chewing.

In case the behavior is attributed to a nutritional deficiency, you can switch to a better dog food which is rich in fiber to help solve the problem. Allowing your dog to graze in your lawn can be catastrophic as suggested by experts. There are numerous chemicals in your garden that are toxic for the consumption of your dog. Moreover, many garden plants can also be quite harmful to the dog. If you witness your dog’s constant vomiting without any later severe signs, your dog could be vomiting unwanted toxins. But if your dog keeps throwing up, you should consult a professional for advice.

The occasional grass grazing by your dog should not be a cause of concern. However, the compulsive ingestion of foreign objects on regular occasions can be a symptom of pica. You should consult your vet since pica can be a sign of digestive and nutritional issues. It is suggested to consult a vet when the related habit becomes too much. Overall, grass eating by your dog should be a cause of alarm in your home.

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