Need New Exercise Program

You can have

  • goals
  • you can be consistent
  • and you can have compassion for yourself.

Now, why those three things?

1. Because if you don’t have goals to start off with, you don’t know what you’re trying for.

So when you go out and you start to work out or you have to make changes in your life, if your changes aren’t dedicated towards something they’re just random acts of movement or activity. When you’re really specific with what you want to do so you achieve your goals. It’s like having a map when you drive. It are going somewhere you have never been before you want to use a map to choose the best route.

2. Then you want to be consistent.

It’s like any other goal in life, right? You have to be consistent in your workouts, in your new sleeping habits, your water, your food, right? You can’t just do it here and there and expect the result. It you were trying to start a business from scratch and you only worked a couple random days a week. Or if when you got to work you just did “busy” work that didn’t lead to anything your business would fail. But this is what people do in the exercise program.

3. You have to have compassion for yourself.

You’re in your fitness program to grow, to learn, to improve. With that, you’re going to challenge yourself. So, with challenges come frustration or thoughts in your head like “I can’t do it” or you know all that fun stuff, it pops up in our head. So have compassion for yourself in the road that you’re on.